About 251 Group

Who We Are & What We Do

251 Group (officially Ryan Byrne d/b/a 251 Group) is a boutique digital media, marketing, and music services agency founded by musician/educator/entrepreneur Ryan Byrne. It is also the umbrella business name under which Ryan operates a group of other DBAs, acting as the administrative hub for Music Lessons West, SmittyUp, Music Ed Media, 251 Records, Dissonance Records, and others. Operating multiple websites including 251group.com, SmittyUp.com, MusicEdMedia.com, RyanByrne.com, MusicLessonsWest.com, KnoxvilleBassLessons.com, PianoLessonsKnoxville.com, OnlineSessionBassist.com, and others, 251 Group offers services as wide-ranging as music lessons, live music, session work, web design, SEO, web hosting, domain name registration, premium domain name sales and leasing, and more.