WordPress Website Design & Development | Nashville – Knoxville and Beyond

Featured top-of-page photo for 251 Group web design services depicting laptop and tablet posed on table with cup of coffee close by.

251 Group specializes in WordPress website design and development. We cater heavily to the fields of music education and music entertainment, but we have also put our web design talents to work for clients in diverse fields as fashion, automotive, and retail.

Our main focus throughout the web build is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from the ground up. We want our clients’ sites to be found on Google and other leading search engines. You can have the most beautiful web site on earth, but if it isn’t getting found, then what’s the point? Of course, we still LOVE a beautiful site, but function and getting found are our priorities.

These days, it isn’t enough to just build a site and then forget it. The modern web site requires maintenance not just for security reasons, but also for content to keep it relevant in the eyes of the search engine bots – not to mention your human visitors. We offer reasonably priced maintenance packages as well as WordPress training to help you update the site yourself should you so choose.

For our complete website design pricing menu, visit 251group.com/website-design-costs.