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MUSIC LESSON DOMAIN NAMES: We specialize in premium domains for music schools, studios, and private instructors looking to grow their music lessons business. Music Education domains are the largest part of our premium domains inventory. In fact, we have another ENTIRE website dedicated to them. If you are looking for a great domain for your music lessons business, then click on the button below and browse our inventory!

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5 Reasons to Lease One of Our Premium Domain Names for Your Music School

  • Be perceived as THE PLACE FOR MUSIC LESSONS IN YOUR CITY: For the sake of example, let’s say you operate a music lessons studio in Atlanta, GA. By merely having a domain name such as, as opposed to, say, JohnDoeMusic(.com, .net, etc.), you automatically send signals to a prospective client that your studio is THE place for music lessons in Atlanta – and not just another guy in Atlanta that happens to teach lessons. You send signals that the music lessons you teach are important enough to warrant their own website with such a specific domain name. You send signals that your studio is “big enough”, “busy enough”, and “popular enough” to invest in such a website/domain name.
  • Easy for your prospective clients to remember/spell. Let’s face it, most people know how to spell the name of the city they reside in – even if they live in Albuquerque! But some of us name our music studios after ourselves, and others don’t always remember how to spell our names. So a domain name like can prove to be quite beneficial!
  • Enjoy increased visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) When prospective clients are looking for music lessons in your city, they perform search queries such as “music lessons (your city)”. Google will then list search results based on what it determines to be the most relevant based on multiple ranking signals. When a search query, such as “guitar lessons detroit” matches a domain name such as, these EMDs (Exact Match Domains) tend to enjoy a higher ranking in the search results (all other ranking signals being equal). Though in recent years Google claims to have lessened the signal weight of these EMDs, our own case studies indicate that there is still a benefit to exact match domains.
  • Lock out your competitors from controlling one of the best keyword-specific domains name in your city. After all, if you don’t lease it – your competitor just might!
  • Have an Additional High-Ranking Web Site in Case Your Other Website Goes Down (Even Temporarily) for Any Reason.

The following fictitious (but rather fun) story illustrates how one of our premium domain names could be beneficial to a music studio like yours: Lyndsey Galifianakis runs her own music lessons studio in Mesa, AZ called, aptly enough, Lyndsey Galifianakis Music Studios. She already has a website, LyndseyGalifianakisMusic(.com, .net, what have you). For obvious reasons, she finds herself having to constantly remind people how to spell her name in order to find her website. Then Lyndsey began leasing Immediately, she realized the benefit of only having to tell people one time, “”. Not only did her clients remember her website name, but she enjoyed increased visibility on page 1 of Google search results when prospective clients searched for “Music Lessons Mesa”, and she found herself signing up even more new students every month.

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