Why Choose 251 Media?

Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose 251 Media To Build YOUR Website!

1)     Affordable, Professional, “Mobile-Friendly” Websites: Simply put, you should choose 251 Media because it IS the best choice for small businesses and artists/bands to have affordable, professional, “mobile-friendly” websites built. Not only does 251 Media have the best prices in the industry, but our websites are built using only “responsive” WordPress themes. This means that your website will display correctly on any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Also, with Google’s latest algorithm, your mobile-friendly site will be poised to rank higher. It has been big news in the search engine marketing world that any website that is not “mobile-friendly” will be penalized by Google and will give up their spots in search engine rankings to other websites that are mobile-friendly. If you still have an older website that is not mobile-friendly, then TODAY is the day to call and order your new mobile-friendly website!

2)     You OWN Your Website: There are many companies that say they will “build your website for free”. But really, what happens is that you end up “renting” by paying monthly hosting fees at $99 or more per month! Whereas, if you owned your website, hosting would only cost you somewhere around $10 per month. And when you are “renting” your website from one of these companies, you are stuck paying that monthly hosting fee forever. You can’t move the website to another, more affordable hosting provider unless you “purchase” the website from said company at full retail price (at around three times the cost of a website from 251 Media). It doesn’t take much math to figure out that after approximately 6 months of “renting” a website from one of those other companies, you could have purchased a 5-page (or more) website from 251 Media. When you choose 251 Media, you choose a flexible a-la-carte pricing menu that allows you to purchase the number of pages you need when you need them – and you will OWN that site. Want to get a 5-page website for starters? You own it! Want to add more pages as your business grows? You own them! And since you will own your website, you can move it whenever you would like to a hosting company of your choice – allowing you to shop for competitive prices and services. You will not be STUCK with high monthly hosting fees and limited services.

3)     YOU Are In Control: Your website is powered by WordPress, the world’s leading CMS platform. As a result, you are able to edit and update your content whenever you would like. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, we’ll even train you. Or, if you prefer, you can hire us to make your updates for you. After all, YOU are in control.

4)     Work With The OWNER Directly: 251 Media is an “owner/operator” business, a sole proprietorship. The person designing and building your website is the same person responsible for the risk of success/failure in business. The success of 251 Media depends on the success of YOUR website/business! Communication is quick and effective as there is no long chain of command to get through before you get to a decision maker.

5)     Published LOW Prices! No Hidden Costs: Unlike most of our competitors, we display our prices LOUD AND PROUD on our Price Menu page! Our prices are the lowest that we know of for the type of product that we are offering! Again, this is not a D.I.Y., drag-and-drop website builder tool with limited design, functionality, and most importantly, SEO options. This is a customized website with high functionality and initial SEO set-up/service included.

6)     Your Website Will Be Built to RANK HIGH on Google and Other Search Engines: Your website will not only be designed to look good and function well – it will be built from the ground up with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. While many web design companies charge extra for “SEO services”, or an “SEO package”, your website purchase includes initial SEO set-up/service. 251 Media has done redesigns of clients’ pre-existing websites that initially cost three times as much or more as our services – and some of these websites didn’t even have basic SEO set-up because the client didn’t purchase additional SEO services from their initial web designer.

7)     251 Media Is LOCAL To The Markets We Serve: Whether it’s Tennessee (Nashville, Knoxville) or New Hampshire (Berlin-Gorham, Littleton, Plymouth, Manchester), 251 Media owner/operator Ryan Byrne was either born in, raised in, or has lived in the markets that 251 Media serves. Understanding the local and economic culture of the areas we do business in is important to determining how to design and market your website to YOUR target audience. Your website will be built by someone that has walked the local sidewalks, driven the local roads, shopped the local stores, eaten at the local restaurants, and knows how to say things like the “locals” do – not by someone hundreds or thousands of miles away that can’t even pronounce your town or street names correctly.